College Bound…Again


Here we are again, sending my kid off to college. This time it’s my baby girl.

Doron and I returned home last night after moving our daughter to her dorm at the University of Florida. We helped her settle in and did some shopping, and before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye. I thought that since I’d already gone through this once with my oldest son, it would be easier this time. Boy, was I wrong!

My daughter is certainly ready to leave home mentally and physically. I’m not at all worried about her. In fact, I’m sure she will thrive in college, being surrounded by like-minded people of her age, and with so many activities and possibilities for her to explore.

The problem is me. It was so hard for me to leave her alone in a new unfamiliar place, where she doesn’t know anyone. Luckily her roommate was there too, so she wasn’t totally alone and I was a little relieved. As soon as we hit the road back home, though, I already started missing her.

We have become very close in the past few years, and in a way, I feel that she is one of my closest friends. I miss her wit and her insightfulness about life. I miss watching TV with her, cuddling under the blanket and sipping hot chocolate, while sharing laughs and tears over cheesy shows and silly people. I miss her as my “beauty consultant” and my personal make-up artist. But most of all, I miss the little girl that she is no more.

As ironic as it seems, I got a glimpse of the little girl during the last two days, in college, when my daughter actually enjoyed letting me and Doron take her shopping and help her figure things out and make decisions. And I loved being there for her when she needed me, just as I’ve always loved cooking for her, taking her shopping, teaching her how to stand up for herself and be her best.

Thankfully, technology is so advanced that I can be in touch with my baby and even see her online on a daily basis, at least as long as she is ok with that. I know I need to let go, and I will. With time…

Go Gators!

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