Bracing for a Hurricane


In the eight years we’ve lived in Florida, we were exposed to several hurricane season scares, and not knowing what to even expect we were stressed and scared and even slightly panicked every time. We’ve only been here through one serious hurricane though, Irma. Like everyone else, we stood in lines for water, food, and gas. We cleaned up the garage so that we could bring the cars in. We brought in all the planters, furniture and equipment we had in the patio and in the yard. We took pictures of the house and yard from all angles in case we would get hit. And we mounted all the hurricane shutters. But the reports about the eye of the storm hitting us directly were so scary, that we decided to leave Florida and go pay a surprise visit to grandma in New York.

When we got back, we discovered that the house remained intact, including the patio screen, which was amazing. And if that wasn’t good enough, some of the whitefly infested hedge between our house and the neighbors was knocked down (it belonged to the neighbor and he had refused to replace it) and our sick lemon tree that we had wanted to get rid of for years, was knocked down and unrooted as well. So, we actually had a very positive experience with hurricanes so far.

This time, with Dorian upon us, we decided to stick around. As insane as it sounds, I’m looking forward to the storm. I love storms. There is something exciting about them. If only they weren’t so destructive and dangerous.

Now that we’ve been pretty much prepared with almost everything we need, we feel a little less intimidated. I’m more worried about Tamar, though. Only two weeks in Gainesville, without a car, and no clue what to do to prepare for a hurricane. I gave her some instructions over the phone, and hope that the university will instruct her better if they are about to get hit.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, I have to go and fill up the car with gas, just in case…

In the meantime, here are some dishes that I’m about to make today to save the frozen meat we have left in the freezer, just in case the power goes out for days. These things can be eaten at room temperature and do not need heating:
Turkey Meatloaf – can be thinly sliced and eaten like sausage on bread with some mustard. Yum!
Beef Croquettes – we eat them like a snack but they are certainly a main dish.
Fish Croquettes – LOVE them! I will post the recipe in the near future.

And now…got to go!


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