Passover Pigs in Blanket


Mentally, it is a little hard for me to combine the words ‘pig’ and ‘Passover’ in the same phrase, let alone the same dish. But I guess this would be the closest way to describe the dish itself, so I let it go…

The idea is to use a wet matzah (matzot in plural) as the blanket to wrap any good quality sausage or hotdog that is not overly thick. In order to be able to roll the matzah around the sausage without it breaking and falling apart, you have to make sure it is pliable. You need to either dip the matzot in a large bowl filled with water (you may salt the water if you’d like) and let them soak for 20 seconds, or hold a bunch of matzot in your hands under running water and make sure the water gets into each matzah and covers it completely. Discard some of the water, but do not completely drain the matzot. They need be very wet and absorb a lot of water to be pliable. Place the wet matzot on a clean kitchen towel; wrap the towel around the matzot and place in a closed plastic bag (ziplock bags are perfect), to prevent the matzot from losing moisture and drying up. Leave to rest for at least an hour before using. I like to wet a whole bunch of matzot and let them sit overnight, and then I have ready-to-go wet matzah that I can use in many different ways.


I made this quick dish two days ago when we had company for lunch, and we were looking for something light and fun that both kids and adults would enjoy. So, yes, it is Passover, and yes, that is why I came up with the idea of the matzah, but you can certainly enjoy this fun dish all year round. Even if you are not Jewish.

6 wet matzot
6 sausages or hotdogs
Mustard (any kind you like)
3 eggs
Oil for frying

Pre-cook the sausages, either by grilling or boiling them in water. Let cool down a little.

In a shallow, wide dish, whisk the eggs with salt.

Place one matzah on a work surface. Spread some mustard on the side facing you.


Place a sausage in the middle of the matzah, lining with the lines of the matzah, and wrap the matzah around to create a roll.

Repeat the process with the rest of the matzot. Since the matzot tend to dry and break very quickly, you need to work fast.

Heat oil in a frying pan. There should be enough oil to just cover the bottom of the pan.

Dip each matzah roll in the egg wash, making sure the roll is dipped from all angles, and place in the pan to fry.


Turn the rolls a little every 20 seconds, to get them fried on all sides. If needed, add more oil to the frying pan. Remove the rolls from the pan and place on a serving dish.


Serve with sautéed onions and peppers, and some good wine or beer (not on Passover, lol), or enjoy it with some fresh Spring Salad.


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  1. Hi Tali, I hope you had a nice Pesach! These sound cute – great idea!

    1. We had a great one. Hope you had a nice one, too!:)

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