The Best Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


So now, with Thanksgiving behind us, well…almost…, I just want to eat light. Not so much diet wise, but more things that do not require heavy cooking. You know how sometimes you want something good to eat that’s not “food”? Today, after lunch, I had this unsatisfied feeling (although I enjoyed my lunch) that made me walk around the kitchen opening all the cabinets in search of something delicious that would calm me down.

This is, by the way, a recipe for disaster if you are trying to be on a diet. Anyway, I found in the fridge some plum jelly that I made about a month ago, and I planned on eating some with a spoon. But then, out of the corner of my eyes I caught a piece of pita bread that I left on the counter this morning (in a plastic bag, of course). As I was spreading the jelly in the pita, I recalled seeing a container of natural salted peanut butter in one of the cabinets. So I added that too.

Now, I must confess. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich was never one of my favorites. In fact, I am usually dismissive of it, because I’m a health food freak, and the original ingredients in this sandwich rub me the wrong way. Think about it. Artificially flavored, sugar-packed grape jelly, commercial peanut butter that has all kinds of hydrogenated oils and sugar in addition to peanuts! And that white, spongy bread…can it even be called bread?

But somehow the thought of real bread with the homemade jelly that’s made of just fruit and sugar (and not too sweet), and the saltiness of the freshly ground peanuts, made my mouth water.

And you know what? It was really gooooood!

So I guess I owe my fellow Americans an apology for dismissing the legendary, all-American, peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or maybe I owe just half an apology.  After all, I had to figure out the right ingredients myself.

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